11:53 To Odessa Focuses on Luke and Carlos

The 10th episode of Heroes Reborn focuses more on Luke Collins and Carlos Guttierez or El Vengador. Luke is the main antagonist of this mini series sequel of Heroes. Unfortunately, it won’t be renewed for a second season so fans of this miniseries should be happy that they got one season out of Heroes Reborn. The Evos are at a mess here as we go time traveling from present to future to back to present again as we hardly notice what is going on.

Heroes Reborn

It gets really confusing as they copy a little from XMen Days of the Future Past because Wolverine also went time traveling just to make mutants look good to humans. However, they must understand that the Evos or evolved humans are not the same as humans which means they are far in comparison as mutants are much more popular than even porn deals. In other words, the Heroes are not the X-Men as the X-Men are far in terms of popularity thanks to the genius known as Stan Lee. Tommy, Erica, Quentin and Phoebe go to the future to see the city Gateway. Tommy ends up agreeing to bring many people to Gateway.

This episode does not capitalize on the brilliant character story telling of the previous episode entitled “Sundae, Bloody Sunday”. Instead, they focus more on Farah. Erica has a plan to save the world but the episode did not focus much on this. That is just too bad because Erica realizing she can create a pathway from present to future in order to recolonize what happens when the Earth gets wiped out. It was not a pretty sight but it was a great idea by Erica but this episode is not all about that is it was about two groups trying to realize what they will do next. It will not transform to good Playboy Plus discount¬†ratings since everyone is hyped about whether or not Erica’s idea will work.

They are probably saving it for another episode which is smart so you can create suspense with the audience knowing they would want to watch the next episode to find out what happens with the characters. It would be better to build the characters though so the audience would have something to care about them. Because if they don’t care about them like they would with a bangbros coupon, then they won’t tune in to the future episodes anymore and that is going to hurt the future of the TV series which is probably why the head honchos of NBC decided it was not a good idea to renew Heroes Reborn for another season.


There are so many heroes in this TV series that you need to dedicate some episodes to make the audience understand the powers of some of them. It will take away the spotlight from the main characters but you can’t just have random evos popping out of nowhere with weird powers. Much like the brazzers trial, there are also a bunch of webisodes the creators made in order to give a brief background of the story. It won’t be a bad idea to do this but they must do a lot more of this if possible. If they are going to do that then the studio is going to have to stretch the budget a little bit. There are a bunch of segments that are basically time fillers and the writers are not afraid to do that. It was surprising to see them stretch the series into 13 episodes though so it would be interesting to see what happens next to Heroes Reborn.